Why did he say he wanted to get back together then completely ignores me now?

I just don't get it! He says he'd treat me better, wishes we were still together and that we'd talk about it when he came back. He asked me if I'd give him another chance. Well now he's been completely ignoring me. Just say you met someone else or whatever I won't be mad about that!!
Already figured it out. he's been talking to his other ex girlfriend. What a dud. And a coward. I hope he's smart enough not to come back to me because I will probably rip him a new one... In the most ladylike way of course


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  • probably he's was't sure about what he said. so you should expect less results (less attention).


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  • He probably didn't mean what he said. If he did , he would act on it. The only reasonable explanation (s) for this is
    A- He wanted to see if those same feelings would be reciprocated back. (This makes him feel good knowing you haven't moved on and are still available)--He feels he has that much of an impact or power over you because you still haven't let go.

    B - He got cold feet.
    He wanted to work things out but he changed his mind. He figured it's best that you both don't keep contact. Regardless , he still could have went about things in a respectful way (instead of cold).

    I know this hurts.
    But I think the best thing to do is, look forward and not back.


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  • In his point of view, it's awkward. It's tense for the dude. I believe guys should always make the first move, but this one... You'll have to go to him this time. Trust me.


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  • What do you exactly mean by "ignoring"?

    • Well texts got less to completely no response. It feels like he hates me or something.

    • You can ask him then why the contradiction. But mainly I agree with @Stacyzee about he's possible reasons.

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