Is the ex's sister off limits?

OK, so I dated this girl for a few months, dumped her a couple years ago, whatever now she's one of my best friends (yes it really does happen) and I've gotten close with her family... And attracted to her little sister. She's only a couple years younger than me, so it's not like a pedo thing. She's hot as hell with a great personality and a gorgeous smile. Got the sister's number, and we text and stuff and are on a friendly basis, but I'm wary about flirting with her, because, I mean, I did date her sister... is she totally off limits or what? If I DID decide to go for it, what would be the best way to go about it? Is there any way to do it without ruining my friendship with my ex?

oh p.s. I still make out with the ex occasionally, but it's just like a casual makeout-buddy kinda thing, neither of us wants to go serious. I don't know if that changes anything.

also, the ex is away at college, just throwing that out there


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  • Ask your ex if it is okay. You should get her permission before you try to go anywhere with the sister. If she says yeah then go for it. If she says no then probably best to stay away. You can try going behind the ex's back but you will probably lose that friendship and you have to remember they are sisters, they are way more loyal to each other than to you. So you could end up with nothing at all.

    • Yeah man, that's good advice. I hinted about the idea to my ex and she was like noooooo. I mean there's plenty of great girls out there so I guess there's no good reason to date an ex's sister, haha. I don't know what I was thinking

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  • i don't know if hell is ok to say in this website but HELL YES she is totally off limits.

  • Horrible idea. You will absolutely destroy the friendship with you ex and look like a homewrecker to her folks. My sisters ex attempted dating our younger sister after the split up and I wasn't happy. Especially if you still make out with your ex occasionally, that makes it even that much worse of an idea. You are going to lose a friend and divide a family. Not wise.


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