I know you see it everyday, but he found someone else?

Let me cut it short, boyfriend of 3 years at first he never posted social media about us until we went to his home land (australia), after we broke up and from then has been up and down till finally this year it was quits becaue apparently I was making arguments out of nothing, I thought we were back together I was proven wrong, who takes a year to figure out if they want to be with someone? Personally I think it should be figured out after a few months anyway called it off I still love him, but he's meh, there has been women inebtween which he denied but I saw proof. then today on social media he was at a place where he promised he'd take me but we broke up and he took another girl. We share ____ together which makes us be in contact every few days. What should I say? Should I just confront him? the thing is Im blocked on his social media but my friends are not on his and i saw it this way. I know it seems much but i'm really pissed.


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  • He doesn't want to be with you, the longer you try to hold onto a connection with him, the more pain you will cause yourself. Don't be petty, just accept the reality, and move forwards with dignity.

    • its hard because there's something that connects us, constantly keeps us in contact whether we like it or not :/

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    • yes, its hard i him most days

    • You have to understand that just because you have a child together, it doesn't mean you are meant to be together. It does no good to either of you, or you're child, to keep repeating the unhealthy pattern of behaviour. You can let go of the connection you have with the father, and still remain co-parents.

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