So my girlfriend of 4 years left me and I contacted her 3 weeks after the break up and she said she's happier without me and doesn't love me anymore?

I haven't talked to her in two weeks but the last time I talked to her she said she knows she won't ever give me another chance but I love her unconditionally I don't know what to do I really want her back she also said a lot of other hurtful things


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  • Probably best to move on, she seems like she's made up her mind.

    • So there's no hope at all? Like there's nothing I can I do?

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    • Don't be sorry, I just feel really down, I appreciate your time means a lot

    • It's no problem at all, I try to help as much as I can. And I understand, I'm sure many people have been in your shoes and can sympathize.

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  • I know how you feel right now. I broke up with my girlfriend of 3 years and realised it was a mistake but when I went to get her back she's already having a fling with another guy. there's not much I can do about it except wait it out and hope they dont work out. Im not sure why she left you but people dont just leave like that. Did you do something to cause this? Otherwise time is the game you have to play and hope she comes to her senses but you have to be prepared that she might not come back. I feel your pain bro. Stay strong

    • @Mickeym96 Sorry to chime in on your advice but I think you both may be leading down the wrong avenue and don't want that for anybody.
      i can truly convey that love doesn't leave. If what you think of love does then let it go like a butterfly off your finger. Wish it good health and happiness but just know deep down that a butterfly doesn't come back once it leaves. And as that metaphor applies to you as well. break out of your cocoon of pain and realize that everything happens for a reason and that is was meant to happen for the betterment of you. Better things await if you prepare yourself for true love.
      For years of heart ache breakups i experienced I had no idea that I was being molded for the love true love i have today was being prepared for me. we are to experience pain to appreciate the gifts we are to receive and cherish those who know what and how to truly love you for you. She is out there yet to be found. focus on you then when you are not expecting it she will appear.

    • It was just plenty of arguments the last couple of months before the break up I'll admit that both us weren't happy where we were going but I tried to stay and fix them but she said she was fed up with the situation

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  • Let her go. If she loved you she wouldn't treat you Lile that. It's not worth your dignity.


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  • I can tell you for absolute certainty that IS NOT love that you feel for her. I been there and felt some similar emotions that I thought was love but after experiencing true love. NO words fit that description. You have some pretty clear signs that is a blessing in reality. You do have really no excuse to question the future of this. It is over.

    Now it may take you a long while because you seem comfortable sitting in your delusion. However you need to realize this as a true blessing in disguise.
    It is time for you to find comfort in yourelf and who you are.. what makes you happy what gifts do you posses that bring a sense of accomplishment or creation.
    Focus on that with all that is in you. realize that NO HUMAN can take away your talent. Hone in on your God given talent. Get to a place of peace with the Energies of the World , God or whatever created you. meditate pray be grateful for what you do have.
    Then ask what you really want. believe you will get it and receive the gifts of that desire.
    Do not wish for the love you as you know it, ask for better than you known before. true effortless none ending love that grows more and more each day.

    Leave the past behind it obviously left you in the dust. That was just simply not meant to be. so prepare yourself for what God has planned for you. A lover that truly will never treat as you HAVE been.
    ask believe receive


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