Scenario: You are in a marriage that you are not happy in [Click for more details]. What would you do?

Scenario: You are in a marriage that you are not happy in [Click for more details]. What would you do?

I'm not married but I enjoy mentally putting myself in situations and thinking about what I would do. I have not yet been able to make a solid decision on this one. So, here we go.

Scenario: You are in a marriage that you are not happy in. You have tried everything you could think of to make it work to no evail. The only option you see left is divorce and the only thing stopping you is your children. You have 3 young children all within the ages of 4 and 10. Now you have to choose!

Option 1 [Remain married but separate]
Option 2 [Divorce and seperate]
Option 3 [ Never divorce]
Option 4 [Remain married until the children are older and are able to understand]

What would you do and why? What are some pros and cons of your decision? How will your decision effect your children?

* I would love to hear your logic and reasoning. Feel free to choose options other than the ones I have mentioned*
  • Remain married but separate
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  • Divorce and separate
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  • Never divorce
    Vote C
  • Remain married until the children are older and able to understand
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  • Other [Explain]
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  • I would want my kids to grow up around happy parents who are in a good relationship and love each other. If the relationship is just not there, and neither one is really happy, then those 3 kids will grow up thinking that being in an unhappy, negative relationship is normal, or how it's supposed to be, I would think that they are more likely to grow up and create the same sort of relationship (maybe not the exact same situation, but probably similar outcome).

    By divorcing, they are hopefully improving their own happiness (breaking free of a dead marriage) and can open up to new relationships that CAN be happy and full of love.
    Both parents have a responsibility to put the kids FIRST and maintain a good working relationship with each other, since the kids ARE going to attach the parents until the last one is 18 and out of high school (maybe longer), but if each parent can meet people, date (without constantly bringing new guys / women around the kids, only serious relationships), and eventually build a happy, loving, and healthy relationship with another partner, the kids will grow up around loving, happy relationships.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Hello
    First of all ds is marriage wer toking about not just a simple thing and der children involved.. children are vulnerable in most cases wen parents separate.
    I believe finding out the reason wy u are not happy in ur marriage is the best thing to do and finding a solution to solve it and keep the marriage.
    Not just for the children but also for ur own reputation. (Womanhood)


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  • Divorce and separate. If you're that concerned for the kids, you don't want them to grow up in a home where mom and dad hate each other, because they'll feel guilty that mom and dad lived for years in misery because of them.


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