How do I move on?

Experiencing unrequited love (you can get the details from my other questions but you don't need to for this) and I'm tired of feeling sad about it! I really need to move on and was previously told that I should find a guy who's going to love me back. That doesn't happen to me but I can't imagine anyone else touching me except the guy I love.

I keep trying to find things that make me feel good but I'm quickly running out. I don't have many close friends. The person I would choose to talk to *is* the guy I'm in love with so that wouldn't work out ha. I just want to be happy. What should I do?


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  • Try finding a hobby. I know it sounds lame right? find other things to occupy your time. start excersizing, scrapbooking, joing local clubs through you school if your in college make things up to do learn a new skill get a job find things that will make you a more well rounded person...

    I truly believe that you need to know that you are worth being loved and that you need to know this before anyone else can. that you deserve good things and that you have a lot to offer before any guy will ever appreciate that about you. no matter what you do you will think about him its going to happen. but don't let your day revolve around trying to get over him. revolve your day around you learn what makes you happy outside of a relationship and go from there.

    do things that you like to do or try new things until you find something that fits. get a different group of friends that understand you better as well you are in a tough age bracket but my absolute best friends are ones I made between 17- 19 and now is the time of your life you'll be growing out of old friends and making new and that's ok! :)

    good luck sweetheart and just remember to love yourself and figure yourself out. what you think is the best guy for you may not even compare to the guy you wil meet fall in love with and marry someday :)


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  • Try harder to find some else .or you well never stop thinking about your ex while you are lonely . give another guy a chance

  • What I'd suggest to you is since you do not have many close friends, try get yourself occupied.

    You can go find people online but the problem is, you'll still think of the guy for sure.

    The best way to get occupied is to do activities you've never tried before. Try travelling and meet a bunch of travel enthusiasts.

    From there, you can get to know more people and also learn many new things while travelling.

    And when you're travelling overseas especially, I'm sure you'll put your problems aside.

    That's the best advise I can give you :)

  • Hi---

    I know how it feels. I truly do. Here's my story:

    There was a girl who would express interest to do things, but never made time for me. She'd ask me to do something so when I made plans she always then called and said she was busy. Did this multiple times. And now she's gone and doesn't contact me anymore. During the whole time I thought we were at least friends, but now that I think of it I realize I probably wasn't that much of a friend for her. I'm going through this right now. I let my emotions flow for a while and then I told myself: what I did was a brave. It was brave because there was risk involved: either I'd get the girl or I'd break my heart. I ended up breaking my heart. I took the risk knowing that might happen. So I accepted it. I accept that I put all my eggs in one basket and it blew up in my face.

    Acceptance is a beautiful thing.

    Don't worry about this guy; whether he's thinking about you or not, whether he forgot you or not (as I fear my girl did), it's not going to change whether you worry or not worry. So you might as well not worry and not hurt yourself.

    That's the first step. If you think about him, then let him pass through your mind, but don't linger, don't dwell. It'll take time. The mornings when you wake up will hurt. But continue doing what you do. You'll probably feel incomplete doing activities, especially joyous ones, for a while. That's okay. Do them anyway. I don't have a lot of friends either, so what I did was go back to the things I used to have fun in or set aside for this girl. That helped a lot.

    What also helped is realizing that this girl is a f***ing d*ckhead for deciding I'm not even worth talking to anymore after all that.

    You were brave for liking a guy so much; don't ever discredit yourself for being so.


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  • Keep yourself busy! Don't waste time. If you want to make your life miserable, then be it but think who will suffer in the end? Not that guy, not us but only you. That is your life, and even if we give you advice, it is still you who will make it happen. People can be happy with other things too. You can do it.

    All the best.

  • i know its hard. I was going through the same thing. try to keep ur self busy so you don't think about him.. or think about all the bad things he has done to you and how many times he has hurt you , it will make it easier to move on. go out, have fun and soon you will meet someone else that will love you back.

  • It's tough :( I'm kind of going through the same thing. Been with my current boyfriend for 5 months and the other day he was telling our mutual friend that he's between a rock and a hard place trying to express his feelings for me without actually saying he "loves" me... which he didn't tell my friend he did NOT, but I more or less know he isn't in love. So I have to decide whether to stay or not. It's hard. I don't think he ever will.

    Keep busy. That's the only way. And time away from him is the only way to heal. Good luck.


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