How to get over a guy?

This guy I met onlin, we talked for a long time and he liked my profile pic and stuff but then later on he asked for my instgram name and ever since he followed me on instgram he's not talking to me that much anymore and he doesn't reply back, I think it's because he thought I was ugly after looking at my other pics on instgram and I feel really sad now! ): I don't even use insta a lot, all my pics on there are the older ones and I looked ugly and a bit overweight in them, I think i look better now and in person, I really liked talking to him but I think it's not fair that he stops talking to me after looking at my insta pics just because I look bad in most of them. What should I do? ):


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  • You did meet him online he could have met someone else, it's not you. I've done online dating and I've had it happen where I get along real well with girls, they like me, but then they just start talking to other people. Honestly it does hurt because you think you did something wrong or you don't look good enough, but that's how it is people move on really quickly.

    Don't take it to heart, they missed out on some great. It's hard to find people to talk to.


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  • Okay... by
    -watch tv
    -doing your hw
    -chilling with friends!


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