Guys, HELP!!! If a guy your seeing is asking you who is texting you when they hear you get a text, wouldn't they be worried it's a guy texting you?

Or else why would they care if you're girlfriend is texting you or whatnot?


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  • Yeah, usually they are a bit paranoid about it. But if they trust you, it shouldn't be a big deal.

    • We'll I'm asking because that's what I thought but wasn't sure and I'm trying to get this guy to want to be in a relationship with me

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    • You CAN'T change him. He has to change himself, if he really wants you.

    • We'll I mean there's absolutely nothing I can do because if he knows he has me then of course he wants me right?

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  • Well. Yeah possibly. I'm not sure why it matters what he thinks. Maybe he's afraid that when he cheated with your friend that she's gonna text you and confess. Could be anything. Could be he's bored, doesn't have anything to say and he just asked without really even thinking about it.

    I know one thing though, I don't ask people around me who is texting or calling them. I figure if I need to know they'll tell me.

    • We'll yeah I'm asking I I figured he might be threatened but I'm not sure I'm just trying to get this guy to want to be in a bit with me? Any ideas?

      And him cheating with one of my friends is not o
      Possible at all, I'm the only woman he sees

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