Why do girls cheat?

Yes, I know a lot of guys cheat, but from my experience personally I have seen more women cheat on their significant other than guys do. Why do girls cheat period, is it a game to see how long they can go without being caught? Also based on that I think girls have a much easier chance to get away with it because usually the guy she is cheating on with rarely leaves much clues behind, while the guy who is cheating, the woman he is with tends to leave some sort of clue behind, be it hair lipstick, thong and etc. but what are you're opinions on why girls cheat? Mainly want to hear from a girls perspective but guys if you have experienced it and have a clue let me know. Thanks!


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  • There are many reasons why a woman might cheat. I'll give you some reasons:

    1) The exhilaration of doing something wrong and trying not to get caught.

    2) Boredom in the relationship.

    3) There might be certain things missing in the relationship so she is getting fulfillment with someone else.

    4) She might have self esteem issues and engages in self destructive behavior. She might be with a good man but she doesn't think she deserves him so she destroys the relationship by cheating.

    5) She has commitment issues.

    • Thanks for the input, the only problem I have with number 3 is if there is something missing in a relationship, she should talk it out with her man, which is why it is called a relationship, and if she feels like he can't meet her requirements then just dump him and be with the other guy who can fulfill her needs. haha

    • Yes, I agree with you but not everybody does that.

    • Yeah, and as odd as this sounds I think that is good, because then when you find that someone who isn't like that, it makes them that much more special ya know?

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