What should I do when I nolonger love anything but myself? Brokenhearted at one time but now I'm just a robot, an asexual robot?

Ok so I'm over the heartbreak. But I will never be the same ever. Me and a friend of mine decided to have what I thought was going to turn into a relationship. Me and this guy had/ have been friends for years. But all he wanted was sex. What the hell? You throw away a friendship you've had for years just for sex. I have been with very, very few guys. Like 3 including him in my entire life of 30 years. I'm just broken, I don't love anyone in a romantic way anymore. I was devastated by him. It was the most passionate strongest love I have ever experienced, probably due to the fact we had a friendship before. I was willing to change everything for him, fist mistake!!! My job, move, etc. I'm just still broken. I'm not hurt anymore. Just got to the point that I don't care about love. He's doesn't like. the fact that I don't trust him, well how could I trust you anymore. Im just done, I'm like a robot-human no love left. I'm living a life, like the things I own, the home I live in, and like the clothes and cars. But now I feel like a greedy self absorbed bitch because I don't care about anything but myself and what I can buy. Just feels like a waste, I was passionate, talented, caring. I'm no longer hurt by the men, I just care about myself. I guess I'm asexual, I can please myself.


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  • Im sorry this happened to you and that you feel this way. I can relate actually and I completely understand the pain you are going through. I wish I coukd offer you more, but the way I get through is enjoy my life when Im alone, but I still have hope for the future, mind you its fading somewhat but I still hope that things will be ok.

  • Firstly no guy ever wants to be just "friends" they will wait for as long as it takes to have a chance & do & say anything. Many guys have told me this. A guy that is not interested In you won't even talk to you unless it's at work or somewhere he has to.

    You are feeling the way you feel as you've lost faith in people & in love as this person you considered a friend has hurt you so bad now you can't trust to love again. But it will pass just let it happen, everything happens for a reason & take the lessons from the things that happen which we don't like. X


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