I deserve better but?

It hurts that he already prob banging other girls. I'm barely starting to notice other guys. I loved my ex, but he started to take me for granted. We always talked about a future but when I sat down for a serious talk (he lacks ambition, very lazy and has no interests), he exploded and said very hurtful things that showed he wasn't willing to get his life together to be able to support a family. I am moving on new job and everything I looking up. I miss him deeply, but he was not husband/dad material. The thing that hurts me the most is that he never cared. I have had NC except trying to get my stuff. He tried to make promises them blamed me and has sent a couple random messages (I didn't answer any of them). Will I feel whole again?


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  • Yes you will, just take care of yourself right now, no one changes, rather their real selves come out. Some people just don't mature fast enough, when your young you enjoy the fun, the endless nights and hot... But when you think about we all have to grow up.

    Just give it time you will find someone just keep a positive out look and an open heart.

  • But nothing.
    You deserve better. You know you deserve better.
    You will meet someone better and you will then feel better.
    Nothing else to say.


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