I'm depressed, Why do I miss my cheating ex?

It was a year long term. It felt perfect we were so close. Cuddled tight when we slept. Lots of kisses, everything those blogs that say signs she is the one she does... I gave her my all and she brought out the best in me. We ran a business together.

Then I found out she cheated one with 2 guys and one she admitted to having sex with and spent the night with him... Her excuse nothing she said we were perfect she said I complimented her. Said the guy was an ex of hers and he has big muscles and that turned her on and she added "who wouldn't sleep with the guy he was hot..."

So I had to do what needed to be done and break it off I was crushed and got ugly with her I told her I want her out of my life. She begged me to stay promised not to hurt me again but the damage is done. I'm almost 40 and she is 40 and my hopes and dreams were crushed. She wanted to get married on a beach and get a house together...

That said we were suppose to be together for thanks giving now I'm here alone and depressed and I don't know why miss her after what she did. It's been 4 weeks since the break up when will this pain go away?


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  • The pain will go away when you let her go completely out of your mind.
    that excuse she gave you was awful and pretty much explains her shallowness. So getting over her should be easier than it is for you. Any guy that has been cheated on is very creep-ed out by her reasoning. you are so smart to break it off. good for you.
    Ok here we go: she did you a giant favor by showing you that she does not and is not part of the rest of your story. there is great things ahead and she just simply isn't part of your plan. you have so many amazing chapters ahead in your book of life and it is time now to write the best part. This is the part in your life where you take a deep look at at yourself find everything in your life that you are grateful for. That will allow you to focus on those parts of your life now. Pain is a great motivator to search for answers about what really makes you happy. While you are in that process you will notice that she truly was not meant for you and that you deserve much better and most importantly you will awaken to the idea that this break was a blessing and she is doing you a favor. because now you are at the beginning of something greater.
    What is it that you really desire. write it down ask your Creator for it. Believe in your whole heart that you will receive it. and finally receive it in your soul as if you already posses it.
    Is it true love? or maybe better business advances? etc.. everything and anything that is meant to be yours will become effortlessly given to your asking. with true deep faith in every positive outlook you can muster.
    Doubt and the past has no room in your new chapter's of life.

    Let her go -turn the page- and go achieve !

    • These are the best words I have read. No bashing calling her a whore I mean even though she is based on her actions but I refuse to call her that because I was with her for a whole year. I know it's not the whole story based on what was going in at that time she was comparing us to figure out which guy she wanted to be with like were toys... Plus she is a cake eater she has her boyfriend and side guys that she has either an emotional affair or physical. We were friends before and she vented to me about her ex husband saying he was always accusing her of cheating. He slapped her I ask why she said because she came home at 3am after going out and he accused her of cheating... That said and my experience with her that's why I feel she has that main guy the security aka husband or boyfriend them she has guys on the side... She must be really insecure but she can hide it well... She comes off as a feminist alpha female she's even handy with tools... Oh well I'm working on my self.

    • good for you for moving on.. Thank you for mh

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  • I'm glad you found the strength to break up with her knowing that you didn't do anything wrong, and it was her who wanted more, something that you couldn't offer even if you gave her the world. Some people just work this way and are too selfish to think of others, but instead of what they want even if everything is good. It will go away soon don't worry, don't rush it and don't regret your choice. She made a mark in your life, why wouldn't you miss her? It will pass and you will be able to get up on your feet and start excelling forward. Best of luck x

    • She is also one of those types that doesn't like to be a lone like she has to have a guy in her life so as soon as I broke it off she went looking for another opening up a facebook and flirting and even flirting with her co workers... Me I'm crushed I don't need to be with someone to get over someone like she does. I need to get over this on my own I can't date anyone right now I just do stuff to keep me busy like remodeling my. Buddies bathroom for him etc. But it botherse that she is on the prowl and probably screwing some other guy now. It's a good assumption because she went from her last guy to me and I didn't find out until recently she lied about her self etc.

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  • You never forget someone you love, once you love someone you will always love them for all the good thing. The pain will go away slowly time heals all wounds.

  • I think it's normal to feel depressed but not normal to miss her bc she's Cheater and as you said you're old for this shit and don't have time for be but the damn funny part its her excuses the big muscles I think you will feel much better if you find new girl even young girls I think you look for serious realithionship which make your chances higher but appearance matter in the real world. A nice short vacation would fix your pro even a little bit


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