How do you get over someone if you don't want to?

okay so I'm extremely heartbroken over this guy...that I never even had! I know I'm pathetic but I honestly can't help but be completely in love with him. we worked together for a little while and kinda hit it off but nothing ever really happened. now we're mostly friends because of work and because of a mutual friend also through work. he dates other girls and it absolutely kills me. I don't know what to do. I HAVE to get over him if he doesn't feel the same way about me but it's impossible. there is nobody else like this boy guaranteed. trust me girls. please help I'm on the verge of completely cracking.


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  • if you really really want something you should chase it babe...but if there's nothing there I know it breaks your heart but thing will change, through life thing always change and what I found out when I was younger finding someone new will make you get over him...i know your say but I won't find anyone like him but if you keep looking you will get over it and someone new will blow your mind, that's what happened to me I was thinking she's the one then someone new came along and blew my mind ...sooo I hoped I helped you in someway

    peace,good luck


    • Thanks! I'm really happy for you and hearing that makes me feel like there is hope. so thank you and best of luck with her!

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  • If you don't want to get over him it's not going to happend . If you think you are in love with him don't give up on him but I think it's best for you is to at least try to get over him because all you're doing is letting him hurt you and his not aware of it. Do you think you have any chances with him?

    • That's the tough thing is he's so hard to read. he's private, but not shy so I don't know how he feels. like was he just ebing nice and outgoing with me because that's just who he is? but then I think that he wouldn't even care enough to be nice to someone he wasn't interested in because that's kinda the way he is too. ah I don't know but thanks :)

  • Im in the same position as you, it won't go away for a while but what I do to help is hang out with my mates as much as possible and try 2 think of other things, it doesn't stop it but it helps xxx


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