Should I leave him because of my life circumstances?

Ok so now I am in really difficult situation, I am struggling with getting a job, I lost it month ago and now I can barely pay my rent, I am borrowing money from my few friends but sometimes its not enough. I only have two friends and feel very lonely most of the time. I live in different city from my family and they can't afford to get me much help because they are struggling too. I feel very depressed, suicidal and lost every inch of my self confidence and I dont know how will I be able to get motivation to get another job. My life is a huge mess, I try to fix it but it seems that I have really bad luck. I work some part job as a waitress but they pay too little, its not enough for rent and I am not even talking about food. So, I have a boyfriend but things werent that great and I think I should leave him, not because he cheated or smth like this but because I can't make him happy anymore, since I can't buy him something, I can't please him because I am too depressed to do anything and he noticed this. I really like him and he is a nice guy but I am too much of a mess and there is nothing to love about me anymore, I became an insect and I dont think I will ever be able to get out from this constant pain. He complains that I am lazy, not good enough but everything I do is always bad and I am very tired of this, its hard for him to understand it. Do you think I should let him go or make him stay?


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  • I think you should open yourself to him, tell him everything, tell him why you're acting like this. If you have done it already and he doesn't understand it and doesn't try to help you... then it's up to you to leave him or not.

    Just don't do anything before talking to him first.

    Oh, don't give up on life either. Things are bad today, but this will make you stronger. Don't give up and the future will bring you good things.


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  • Yeah your too depressed kinda of like me... you need to figure yourself out first!

    • This !! Happened to me too, chance's are we all go through a stage like this at some time.. Work on getting yourself right, than everything else will fall into place

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