Does my ex want to get back together and should I contact him again?

I reached out to my ex because I needed closure from the relationship. When we broke up, he said he had no faith in what we had and wished me the best. When I did reach out, he seemed very happy to hear from me and asked how I was doing twice in the same message. He also asked when I was moving to Chicago (He wanted me to move to Chicago otherwise the relationship would end. It ended anyway.) After I didn't respond to a text from him he texted again a couple hours later saying, "In case you are wondering I miss you very much and I don't like the note we ended on. I feel guilty about the last message too cuz I know I never made you happy. And I am very sorry about that. You deserve much more." After I said that it would be better to talk about this kind of thing in person, I appreciated the apology, and I missed him as well, he never responded.

What did this all mean?
Is he afraid?
Was this just a moment of weakness on his part?
Should I reach out to him even though he never responded back?

This breakup has been killing me.


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  • If it was days later then yes he was probably wrapped up with emotions and texted you on impulse. Once he calmed down he probably realized he made a mistake. Don't worry though darling, it's possible after he settles down he could contact you or instead you might contact him after a month or two once the emotions have kind of died down and talk about what happened. I can't guarantee that but it's possible; even though he dumped you he still remembers the good times and still cares about you to some extent. Just work on yourself for a few months; makes changes you've always wanted to make and try to improve your life. That will help you recover from this break up quicker.


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