What shall I do about this situation?

After my ex and I broke up a month ago after me being sexually assaulted. He broke up with me because he thinks I lied about the whole thing and that I just cheated. It was a messy break up. I was left completely heart broken and I was going through a lot. He wasn't there for me. But I can't help that I still love him. My heart still wants him.

Well the night of Thanksgiving, he called me. He asked if he could see me again and we could watch that movie he hasn't seen. I agreed and drove to his house. We watched a movie and talked after. We didn't talk about the break up. We talked about the first time we met and our dates we had. He never brought that up the previous time we met up. We both laughed, and smiled last night. He hugged me the way he use to hug me. We ended up kissing and I started crying. I told him I was sorry and that I just missed the way he touched me. I stayed the night and he just held me the entire night.

In the morning, he woke up at 6am because he wanted to go snowboarding. He told me I could sleep some more if I wanted too. Before he left he held me and told me that I was beautiful and that he has missed this. He kissed me bye and left. I slept for a little longer, and he then texts me. He sent me pictures of the view and a video of him. We haven't stopped texting since.

I tried getting over him, but my heart still wants him. Everytime my friends drag me out, I can't help but look for him even though he doesn't live in my town. I can't stop thinking about him. We had our bad times, but he's still a good person. I am happy when I'm with him. I want to bring this conversation up to him, but I'm nervous on what he will say.

I don't know what to do... I know I should be patient to see what comes of this. But I'm afraid my broken heart is going to break even more. I haven't been myself since what happened to me. But when I'm with my ex, I know who I am.


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  • The guy didn't trust you, and treated you like shit, and you love him? You need to really think about that, what is it you're admiring about him and his horrible, insensitive behaviour? Please value yourself enough, and have enough self-respect not to allow a person like that in your life, and know that he is garbage and doesn't deserve your time or attention, or trust or respect when he treated you so poorly.


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