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So I broke up with my ex girlfriend and I want her back because I realized what I did wrong. And my ex girlfriend has hardly talked to me for 3 months, she told me she needed space and to not message her. All of the sudden she wanted to talk some net and talked for over an hour. During our talk it sounded like things were turning around. She hugged me good a lot and held my hand as we talked. I made her laugh and she made me laugh like old times. She said she isn't happy and misses me. Later that night she texts me because she's very emotional and thinking too much. She is scared about getting back together with me and confused because her heart says yes but her head is cautious. She is so confused right now. She says that she misses how I happy I made her but she has to make herself happy by herself first. So is that good or bad? Are things looking good to getting back together? Why did she have to hug me and hold my hand and put her head on my shoulder like she did... doesn't that mean something?


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  • She sounds like to be confuse.


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