Has anyone ever separated for 6 months and got back together?

We had been married for over 10 years when he decided to walk out on our family.
he says he's happier staying at his mums friend house and that he doesn't love me. He also spends hours chatting to a separated women at his work. He has also said that we were in a bad marriage (more like sexless and that was down to him)
does the fact that he has never shown any remorse mean that it really is over?
Also. Can he really just move on that quick and remain completely unaffected?


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  • Men need sex sweetheart, they crave it. It's in there DNA/Primal Nature. If you were not good together it's best to move on. Find a man that will love you. What do you mean by (down to him). I'm guessing he means you were nagging the fuck out of him.
    It gets to a point were a man feels like he is getting the life sucked out of him every time he walks through the front door.
    Nothing we do is ever good enough. Your husband likely found a women that makes him feel alive again. He is not coming back, except it learn from it and most importantly move on. Find a man that will love you. :)

    • Actually men suck. It's just dawned on me :)

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    • Been sucking my new man. He has no complaints! At least I'm wanted lol

    • Well see you got a new man. Don't worry about your husband I know it sucks but it will get better :)

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  • i dont do the on and off thing. doesn't work.


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