Have a done the right thing ending my 'relationship'?

So, to try and keep it short. I have just ended a six month relationship and I am having doubts it was the right thing to do. my reasons: He just didn't seem that in to me. He is not an affectionate person. No kissing, no cuddling, no holding hands, unless it was in the bedroom when HE was in the mood. 8 weeks in to the relationship I discovered his online dating profile was still active and he'd been signed in 3 days prior. We talked about it, he said we'd never had the talk of being exclusive, that he hadn't been on there, and wanted to be in a proper relationship with me. He never deleted the account, last signed in 2 months ago. I really threw myself in to the relationship. I looked after his dog for 2 weeks whilst he went on holiday with 2 other women. When he got home he couldn't have been less interested in me but he gave me a key to his house. When I mentioned we never left his house, I've never met any of his friends, basically, where was this going? He said he needed space because he didn't know. I gave him space. He said he still didn't know long term but wanted to carry on the relationship. 2 weeks later I found pictures on his laptop of him naked, holding a sign of a username and swingers web address, when confronted he said they were old, I said they were taken 6 weeks in to the relationship, he said he had only been a member a couple of days for messages to get himself off to? I forgave him, he said he knew what he wanted now, a proper relationship, to move forward. Since then he has been the perfect boyfriend, we've left his house as a couple twice last week. Last night he went away again. He didn't ask me to look after the dog, he said he'd get a dog sitter because he didn't want to take advantage of me. He didn't get a sitter, he left it alone a whole day and night - for the last six months I have driven the 40 minute each way journey to his house 3-4 times a week because he said he couldn't come to my house because he couldn't leave the dog?

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  • You were wrong, the poor guy! You are an insecure, neurotic, bunny boiler.
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  • What a knob

    • Ah that makes me feel better. Worried I'm over reacting.

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