Breakup on good terms with confusing ending? Is there any hope at getting back together with her even in a more casual/noncommittal relationship?

I'm 24 and had been dating this girl (20 y/o) up until about 3 weeks ago for 4 months. She was my first "relationship" and we saw each other at least twice if not 3-4 times per week as well as a lot of text/snapchat communication with both goodmorning/night daily. She recently went through some difficult times including her grandmother dying and deciding to change majors. About a week before the breakup I noticed a slight decrease in our line of communication. Just before this slight (but noticable) decrease in communication (ie. ignored goodnights/goodmornings, not texting me first), we came the closest ever to having sex (I stopped it because I wasn't physically or mentally ready).

The next time I saw her things seemed to be relatively normal, and at the end of our time togethe when we did our usual hug and kiss goodnight, I decided to take the opportunity to tell her that I really had enjoyed the last 4 months and told her what a happy time it had been and then asked her if she "would like to make our relationship a little more official". She continued to hug me and said "maybe". We both just hugged for another minute or so and I said what do you think. She told me "I don't know" and then proceded to say that she really liked me but she didn't see our relationship going anywhere. I told her that was fair and I was there for her if she needed anything. The whole time she was doing this she was hugging me and had her right hand on my chest. We then kissed and hugged a bit longer followed by her kissing me on the neck. We got out of the car and I walked her to her door where we continued to hug (and kissed again) for probably about 10 more minutes before we left with me saying goodnight and her saying thank you and I'll see you around.

The whole breakup leaves me really confused at what I did wrong and how something that was seemingly going so well could suddenly go so bad? Is it possible that she was afriad of the possibility of sex or have a fear of commitment?


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  • I think it's unlikely. It's best to leave the past in the past


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