Thought he was the one... was he afraid to commit? what to do about it?

I was with this guy for almost 6 months. He comes over and we talk about the situation. He feels that there is no "chemistry". I tried to wrap around my head around it... and it still makes no sense to me. I meet someone and you can tell instantly if you have chemistry or not with someone. And it took him almost 6 months to realize that. I'm not buying it. I feel it is a lame excuse whether he realizes or not for he is afraid of commitment. When we were together, he went to a wedding with me, I met his parents, and he met some of my family-first time i introduced a guy to my cousin who is like a big brother to me (he was about to meet my parents but then we broke up).
I thought this was heading in the serious direction. I thought I finally found someone for once and he could be th one. I told him he can say no to go to the wedding or meeting family if he wasn't ready but he went.

i miss him so much. i loved hanging out with him and just being with him. all i want is to just be with him. yes i can find another guy easily but i choose him. but why would he not want me? its been almost two weeks we haven't spoken and a friend suggested to wait a month to not say anything. so it is tempting but i will not message him. giving space will help but will he reach out to me? if he doesn't should i say something in the future? suggestions?


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  • You need closure at least. So, you could wait a month or a few weeks, but it's probably good for you to message him at some point. It won't be healthy if you try to be friends with him, but it will be good for you to find out his true motive. If he says it's just chemistry, then you're going to have to learn to move on.


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