Have you ever helped someone breakup before when they asked for or needed your help with it? If so, then what advice did you give them?

And how did the outcome turned out? Was it successful and that both parties learned to accept it and respect each others wishes? Or did it turn out to be a complete disaster?

Let's face it for real everyone, because breakups and divorce are not 100 percent guaranteed to be avoidable and they happen way more often than not, and although rarely, if ever sometimes those that have broken up and divorced somehow got back together.

If someone close to you are having relationship problems and have trouble breaking up, what are the best possible advice you can give them? Have any of you been in such situations where they ask or even beg or cry for your help?

Also, what about for someone distant or that you don't know very well or even at all? What's the best advice you could or would give them?


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  • I actually gave one of my very close friends advice regarding his relationship with a mutual friend of ours. He wasn't sure about the relationship in general because the girl changed a lot (and not in a good way) since high school and because he had recently gotten out of a 5 year relationship. She kind of pushed him into the relationship and felt he couldn't leave because she dumped her sad story of her previous relationships and he felt if he broke up with her he would be like the rest. I advised him to talk to her and tell her how he was feeling as far as the relationship. About a week later he messaged me saying he did so and they mutually agreed to break up and remain friends.

    • Well that's good. But if the out come had turned out any different and things did not go right, then what woul you have done next or what do you think is the next best course of action?

    • If their talking about it didn't work I would have just suggested a complete break up from her since he tried talking and there's no sense being in a relationship you weren't entirely ready for.

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