I want to text my ex! I know is a bad idea and that I should move on and I have but?

but i'd like to make him know that I miss him and he was important to me qhich seems stupid to me to think right know but he was my first in every aspect even if it lasted for a short period of time. And I have move on, I have a life but sometimes i remember how we used to laugh at each other.


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  • You don't attract someone back from a position of weakness. Besides, you wouldn't want him around you because he pities you anyway. The best way to get him back (or, even better, get over him) is to show him (and yourself) you don't need him.

    And no one says you need to give up your memories. You'll always have them, and you'll get to a point where you can be happy about those memories without being hurt.

    • thank u, that's why my rational part is saying that it would be very stupid of me if I text him.

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  • Sometimes its the memories you miss... not the person. People come out of a relationship a different person than the one they are at the beginning. So it is the person he "used "to be that you probably miss. You have both moved on, so it's pointless holding onto what's behind you. cherish the memories, but look to your future rather than looking at something which is over


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  • That's normal. Just do it in an honest and nice way


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