I don't like my dads newish girlfriend?

My parents divorced because my dad was drinking too much and people just kept on firing my mom. I was a wreck during that time, I had to go to my schools counselor because I wrote so much hate into one essay that I didn't think my teacher would read but she did. My dad tried to hide his girlfriend from me but I heard a different ringtone for a person and found out. I just hate thinking that my dad was maybe cheating on my mom because my parents were accusing each other of cheating but my dad has a girlfriend and my mom doesn't have a boyfriend (nor will I allow it). On top of the fact the this fucking bitch (his girlfriend) tries to break up with my dad every fucking month. Then they had a "heart to heart" and got back together. I normally don't curse but I just hate this woman. I'm being nice to her just because my dad seems to genuinely like her but I can't stand her. How can I start to stand her?


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  • Unfortunately, there are people we, for whatever reason, just don't like.

    I don't know how long they have been together, so I don't know how long you've known her, but maybe try getting to know her a bit, if that's possible for you. If you either don't want to get to know her or can't bring yourself to get to know her, try either learning to tolerate her when she's around or avoid her altogether, so that you won't have to see her or be around her or be affected by her.

    • I've already met her and she seems nice but I just hate how she treats my dad. Look at my comment on the guys comment.

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    • I feel like jerk for saying this but her family has a home theater system that she sometimes invites us too so I kinda take advantage of that. I just don't want him to break up with her because of me, I want him to break up with her because he realizes what she's doing.

    • Honestly, since she's not the nicest of people out there, I'd say to continue to take advantage of the home theater system when she offers; it doesn't make you a jerk for doing it... she apparently has no qualms about talking badly about you, so why not take advantage of the situation? Aside from that, you can still avoid her so she doesn't get under your skin.

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  • You could either try and meet her and see what she is really like, I mean like sit down and talk like over a meal, or should just tell your dad if he knows you know you don't like her.

    • I've seen her and she seems nice but she always complains to my dad about me. She got mad because my dad spends more time with me than her and than uses the excuse that she doesn't make time for her daughter when I'm 16 and her daughter is 30. My dad almost broke up with her because of that but then she had a change of heart.

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    • Well I didn't know that. Since she is like that, no, don't just give in on this son of a bitch, tell your dad straight up face to face, that you don't like her at all and she trying to hurt your relationship with your dad. Say this with a serious tone and face, you can show some anger or sadness if it just is natural, but what ever you do, don't smile or laugh when saying that, or it doesn't look like you meant it

    • No way on earth I would stand for someone who isn't even family trying to rip my family's relationship apart for her selfish desires

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  • You don't ever have to stand her if you don't want to. You can try to tolerate but you don't ever have to like her.


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