How do I unlike someone?

So there is this girl I really like, but I have no shot with. It really hurts me thinking about it and I want it to stop. Any advice?


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  • The key words in the sentence which is preventing you from moving on from her is "thinking about it". What you think about is what your emotions will react to.

    You can't unlike someone, but your feelings can fade, so the thought of them doesn't hurt anymore. The only way to do that is to keep your mind on things other than her. It is your own negative thoughts which are hurting you. Stop thinking you aren't good enough.

    • "The only way to do that is to keep your mind on things other than her."

      I am aware of that and when I hang out with friends or do anything I stop thinking about it, but the moment I lay in my bed toughts just come to my mind.

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    • Instead of lying on your bed thinking she is out of league, start telling yourself you are good enough for her and motivate yourself to approach her.

    • Thanks for the MHO 👍💐

      I hope you start telling yourself you are good enough, because once you do you will start to believe it. Good luck

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  • Why don't you have a shot with her? Fight for her and go after her and it's not worth it or doesn't seem like it's meant to be then try to meet other girls to get your mind off her.


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  • The heart wants what the heart wants. You can't really stop it.
    I say if you like this girl then be confident in yourself and believe in yourself and go for it. Don't give up without trying, your going miss so many opportunities like that.
    If you really want it to stop, I guess you could find a new hobby or hang out with friends and just distract yourself from those feelings but I don't think that's a really good thing to do.
    If you do end up trying to get her, I wish you the best of luck.


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