Relationship seems doomed, sad part is is that we have a newborn who's 2 weeks old. Who else thinks this relationship is doomed?

So the past several months I've been disconected to my current girlfriend, she's beautiful has everything going for her but can be a extermely stuck up and rude. It's resulted in me moving to th living room, I just want to be away from her and her demoralizing attitude. Anyways a little on whats been going, we recently had a baby who means the world to me, whenever she cries or gets up-set I go into the room and ask her Mom whats wrong or if I can help. The responses I recieve are beyond rude, she's always like no or says something like "how would I know, if I knew she wouldn't be crying" I mean she treats me like I'm dumb. So after she told me that, I reacted with why everytime I ask a question you over react, she wen't into the defense mode playing like she didn't say anything wrong. So I ended up being like "she's my kid to and i'm concerned, you don't have to treat me like I'm stupid" she replied with "i'm just acting like how you do towards me" that couldn't be farther from the truth. Sure I overreact at times and say dumb stuff out of anger, but I don't treat her like she's an idiot. Anyways, getting on with the story, after she started tallking all crazy I blurted out "you're crazy" she's like "F*** you" "you're a d***" I responded with "and you're a b****" then I said I really don't want to be with you anymore, I mean I don't know what else to do it seems as though she's sick of me and i'm pretty much fed up. Cold part about it is that we have a newborn. Furthermore, i'm the one providing the house, the car (she has no license), and everything else like a man supposed to and she tells me that I don't do anything, whatever, thats hella lame. I really am lost here I feel that our relationship is on the cusp, I feel really bad for our daughter! Any input would be much appreciated. Thanks!!!


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  • So I'm going to try not to get too long... okay so you said the past several months you guys have been disconnected. So she was pregnant which is stressful in itself. If you guys are anything like a lot of couples, especially during pregnancy you're worried about money, you're worried about the future, you're worried about getting everything ready for the new addition. There is a lot going on. All of those things are stressful and it sounds like she is venting her stresses on you, especially with the baby here now and I'm sure you guys aren't getting much sleep or free time. It's not okay for her to treat you how she feels, but I think often times we all tend to do this sadly. Maybe tell her to take a day for herself, you'll keep the baby, and tell her to go out with friends or whatever just so she can get some fresh air. Then hopefully she will be in a better mood when she arrives and tell her you dont want to fight, just talk. Ask her what's going on. There could be something bothering her that she isn't saying. Sometimes women expect men to be mind readers, terrible fail lol. Remember though that you guys have a baby now, so whatever direction you take needs to be the best for that child. But I think you guy should at least try. I always say a year. Love isn't easy. It's really hard and it takes time. Give it a year of you guys working on it and reevaluate then to see if you guys want to continue down that road, maybe progress will be made, or if you think it would better to separate. Good luck!

    • Thanks for the input! Maybe she does need a day to herself, however I don't think that she thinks I know how to take care of our baby. I also don't think she would take day to unwind, she to into the baby, I understand that but she isn't giving herself any time to do anything for herself. I basically told her that I wanted to end this relationship, she's not happy and I'm becoming super frustrated. All her stressed end up pissing me off to the point to where I say bad things. I mean I can understand the normal being upset thing, but she is literally taking everything I say and responding to it like I'm some idiot, which in turn make me mad. I think your'e right with everything you said here I just don't think she will comply or change, she just wants to be rude and bitchy towards everything I do or say. And she's always right so there's no talking to her.

    • That's hard. Yeah, if she isn't open minded enough to listen and talk it's going to be almost impossible to fix. Well then if youve decided you want to separate and that would be best, then just make the best of a bad situation. Kids need a happy mom and a happy dad, if that is better achieved apart, that's okay. Just don't end up being those parents that talk bad about eachother in front of the child, not that you would, just my parting advice lol. Sorry about your situation, and as I said good luck = )

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  • All relationships are doomed. Modern women are doom

    • Lol sounds about right! I thought it was just me for a minute there, thanks for making that clear...

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    • Yeah i've noticed that even the "good" women turn crazy, it sounds like Albert the Great was saying that women should not be trusted because they are defective to us by nature. i don't know how true that is but I do know that every female i've been with turns crazy!!!

    • Almost all cultures and religions from every corner of the globe have rightly pointed out female nature, and heavily condemned women since time began.

      Falsity, treachery, ingratitude... these are the qualities of women. The old saying goes like this, "It is better to live in a desert land than with a quarrelsome and fretful woman"

      Stay safe! It is also known that women nag their partners to DEATH.

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