Is it ok if I send an email to my ex?

So I wrote a "poem" (not really a poem more like a small story). About the things that had happen between us.

This guy has hurt me so much and I want him know it. I was thinking on sending it to him. is it ok? Should he know how I feel? Should I sent it in a MySpace message, or an email?

Well I did it, I sent it to him already by e-mail. Now I feel kinda I don't know weird. I wrote at the beginning of the "poem" "You don't have to reply to this I just want you to read this" So I haven't heard from him. I don't know if he got it or...
maybe he has moved on and doesn't want to know about me anymore. I wrote some pretty deep things on there but no reply. Could it be that he read it but doesn't want to reply because I told him he didn't have to or would he still reply if he cared?


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  • i think its completly ok. your over it now enought to stand up and say something so do it. he needs to feel some remorse for what he did. stay storng gurl good luck


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  • If you feel you have to, do it. It will help you get over it faster.

    You may have already done this, since it was posted a few days ago.

    But the best way to get it to him, is to handwrite it, and mail it

    • Yea I did sent it but I don't know I feel kinda stuck now. You're right maybe that would have been the best way for gim to get it, by mail.

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  • i think its ok to let a him know that he hurted you so much that it made you stronger and just thank him for that cause now your not weak your strong. nad send it to him watever he goes on more.


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