I suffer from clinical depression I told my boyfriend I needed help recently he dumped me?

In losing it now he won't talk to me all he said was get professional help which I have he told me he loved me when I asked him but he told me not to speak to him until I got help... I have rang the doctors I have said I'd go to he doctors straight away. He wants his space but I can't cope I can't do this on my own I juts need him to hold me and tell me everything's going to be ok but he's pushing me away telling me I'm not listening?
Move done as I'm told I got an appointment And he's now told me he's blocking me for a week?
I'm panicking I need him so much now I feel so hurt and scared I can't do this alone!! He spoke to me all day everyday to suddenly cut me off is unfair and he won't hear what I'm saying he juts tells me I'm. It listening I've done as I'm told I'm doing it so why punish me? I'm looking like a psycho obsessed person now as I'm desperate I really am I can't pick myself up from this and I'm so lost and alone:-( I don't know what to do have I lost the love of my life?


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  • In a good relationship you stick by your partner in good and bad times. This guy abandoned you when you needed him the most he does not deserve your time nor your love. Try to find comfort in a friend or family the last thing you wanna do is cut yourself of from the outside world while you are depressed. Also things always get easier with time


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  • Forget him, focus on other people in yr life
    Find someone to share your life with
    Maybe an online friendship?

    • He was so perfect and then he turned on me I feel rejected in the worst possible way he can't see how much I'm struggling why is he punishing me? Thank you for your help

    • U need to find someone
      If u keep thinking about him ull go even more depressed. Talk about other things and get better before u think about this guy

    • Thank you

  • What you do to him? I've dated some crazy girls before really sucks secondly you shouldn't depend on a man to make you happy. You have to be OK with your self first

  • id probably have left too.


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