Does having body hair hamper relationship and sex life with women?

I tend to observe a lot about body hair on other men and even women, bug I am wayy too hairy much much hairy than other men and women.
Having this much hair in itself makes me feel so weird freak inferior and insecure esp when it comes to women, relationship and sex n intimacy ( I am still single and virgin).
Why do I have such hairs everywhere , is it normal? What should I do?
Girls, could you dare to date or marry such a guy ( without making him laser/ wax)?


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  • The guy I'm dating now has a lot of body hair on his arms, legs and chest. I used to be iffy about that until I met him. Because I love him I don't pay mind to it and it doesn't bother me.

    • How did you overcome the initial ick and repulsive feeling you had when you first came to know and saw it?
      Didn't you ever felt you deserve someone Better and less hairy and hence dump him?

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    • Lots of body hair is a dumb reason to dump someone? Wow , really?

    • In my opinion, yeah. It's a small part of a whole picture.

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