Why did this ex text me?

I dated a musician of a band and we had a pretty messy breakup about a year ago. While he was away on one of his tours i found out he was sleeping around. He ended up getting into a relationship with one of the girls he slept with while he was touring, after I found out and ended the relationship. We have all of the same mutual friends so it is a little awkward at times, however i have not directly talked to him since about June or so. I currently am in a new relationship with a guy for the past couple months. The ex knows about my new boyfriend too. I got a text from him yesterday saying that he wanted to talk to me and let me know that he is still in love with me everyday and thinks of me. He also said that he hopes my new relationship is going good for me and that he hopes my new boyfriend doesn't mess it up like he did. When we were dating (3 years) he wrote me a few songs, but there was one that meant a little more than the others but he never finished it because i broke up with him. In this text he sent me a link to the song... he finished it. I guess im confused as to why he is contacting me and saying all of these things AFTER everything... while im dating someone, and while he is also dating someoone. What do i say to my boyfriend about this? I did not answer the texts, nor do i want too... but i feel like i should show my boyfriend them so it doesn't seem like i am hiding something.


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  • Cut your ties to the ex completely. Tell him you are done, you dont care what he has to say because you no longer have feelings for him and tell him not to contact you further. Block his number leave no way he can reach you short of physically showing up somewhere. Then tell your new guy an ex was trying to reach out to you aren't having it. That way if your ex ever comes trolling around your new guy is prepared and won't be surprised. But it's really not necessary for you to show him the texts. The past is the past and you are just trying to keep it that way.


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