So I broke up with my girlfriend and I don't know if I should of?

So we have been dating for three years now. I was watching TV sipping my whey isolates.. Was about to fill up a 10 unit pin of celltech. I noticed my girlfriend had been gone for over 10 minutes now and I wanted her to give me some head. I smelt something kind of funny. I just shrugged it off though.

So another 5 minutes goes by and I finally go upstairs and smell a horrid stench coming from the bathroom. I kicked open the door.. it was exactly what I thought. She was on my toilet dropping fcking nuggets like it was the thing to do. I told her that she is fcking digusting and I picked her up with both hands and carried her out of the house. She was screaming for me to let her wipe her cheeks down. I told her that is nasty and she is a disgusting person. I told her to never call me again and to fck off. She caused a scene outside in my neighbhorhood.. fcking ridiculous. Talking about how she wanted to get married. I haven't heard from her since.. did I make a mistake?
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Fcking sloots man. She tried to call me again telling me she is sorry and she want to make this up to me. I had her buy some febreeze and she came over to drop it off. She said she wants to get back together so I threw 4 ccs of dianobol at her and told her she's a disgusting beta cuck. She ran off crying. Dumb sloots lol... I sware.


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  • Oh, is this the "I don't like girls who poop" thing? This trolling is kinda old, bruv xD

  • Such an overreaction!!!

    • On your part by the way

    • Honestly who does she think she is.. women are so self entitled today.

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