Is this guy playing a game with me? Need advice please!

Male acquaintance whom I've known for 4 years mainly by phone.I had not heard from him in 8 months until about 6 months ago when he started forwarding me jokes via email. We have never emailed each other before.Granted he also sent them to other people as well. He did this for about 6 months. The last joke was sent just to my email address. Then 1 month later he called me and left message saying hello. He did not say to call him back. I called him back a couple weeks later and left voice mail saying Hello and God bless.Very casual. He has not returned my call nor does he forward me jokes anymore. Is he mad at me or playing a game or what?

II am just getting tired of a guy that calls you on and off for 4 years for months then stops then starts again. Then starts sending me jokes, calls me to say hi, then won't return my call and stops forwarding the jokes.


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  • Well, I don't think he is playing games because he is only an acquaintance. You didn't mention that you were interested in him romantically or a relationship. I think reaches out when it's convenient for him. I think he sees the relationship as a source of convenience because if he wanted to communicate more consistently, he would. IMO, that is a form of using someone. A guy that I was interested in did the same thing to me. I had more self respect than to be his back up plan so I stopped contacting him.

    I hope this sheds some light on the situation for you.

    • Yes I really like him and interested in him. We used to talk all the time for hours on end.I don't see it as using me because it does not really bother me that he does not call all the time. I just don't understand this particular behavior he is doing to me. Playing the here I am here I'm not game.

    • The guy in my situation did the same thing because he viewed me as a friend only. I wanted more and he did and then he didn't. I got tired of the games and moved on. I suppose you can discuss it with him or let it be.

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