Was I wronged by my Ex-GF... kinda long?

Was my girlfriend of 1.5 years, a few months ago she asked if I would join her in her move across the country, to which I said yes because I truly loved her. She went to London for the Rugby World Cup, while on this trip a guy in her tour group snuck in her bed after she passed out from drinking and tried to make out with her in her sleep. Obviously she felt violated and called me from London in tears but, the next this kid's father died of a heart attack and my girlfriend felt empathy for him and forgave him.

She returns and everything seems normal, except I notice her FB messaging this guy. I ask who it is, and I am alarmed to find out it's the same guy who tried to take advantage of her, but she says "it's cool" between them now. While on our cross country trip to Washington I notice the texting increase and when I notice he starts sending sexual texts, I put my foot down, even though she would shut down each sexual text. She tells me to relax because he's just inappropriate by nature. On our trip she mentions that he's coming out to visit us, but I had to return home for a funeral, I make it clear to her I don't want this guy in the apartment while I'm gone and she agrees.

I tell this to my friends and they agree with me that this guy could be staying and may try to violate her. I sign into her FB and find out that this guy was going to stay the week on our sofa bed. I call my girlfriend and I scream at her for lying to me, and she tries to turn it around by saying I think she wants to cheat on me. I call her back the next morning in a calmer state and we make up, and she lets this guy know he can no longer stay at our place.

We talk all week and meet for a wedding in Philly and a have a good time. After she returns to WA she calls me to tell me that she wants to break up because I violated her trust and the week leading up the wedding she was trying to convince herself she still liked me but the FB has made me toxic to her. Very confused and hurt by this.


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  • I think she have feelings for the other guy and making an excuses to break up with you. She's still giving this guy a chance after he violated her so if I was you. I'll just let her learn the hard way because she will have to put up with this guy disrespectful ways. Anytime a guy knows she is in a relationship and he still don't respect her relationship by violating her, then that say a lot about his character.


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