How do I, and should I break up with him? He's an awesome guy, truly. But I think it's me. Any thing helps, -comments, suggestions. Please help! ?

Okkkk. So me and my boyfriend have been going out since October 14th, (now Nov. 30th, almost Dec 1.) I really like him, he's a great guy. He's outgoing, bold, sensitive, thoughtful, considerate, and smart. But he's also comes off as a little strong, like he always wants to hold my hands and give me kisses (-which is sweet, but I always feel guilt when shown affection, I enjoy it, but in the back of my head, I think 'ah when is it over?' I know. Horrible :( I have nothing to be guilty about, I just am.) I kind of feel like this relationship is going too fast, we kissed on our first date. (3x) and then kiss every now and then. We always hold hands, and I admit, it is really nice, but I feel this weird feeling like "I shouldn't be doing this?" We "made out" once, just two days ago. ( -we only kissed 3x without stopping. So I guess it's technically called a makeout? ). Anyways. He has done nothing to me for me to even consider breaking up with him, but I feel that I should, before it gets too progressed. («meaning more makeouts and potentially touching.)
I guess the real q. is, "Am I overreacting?", "Should I break up with him?" And, "What should I say?"

*note. I am very nice person (NOT BEING BRAGGY, JUST GIVING U INFO.) (infact, I feel bad ab. even saying that^) ... continued... I am gentle and kind. I don't cuss, I am self respected, I have boundaries. He knows this. And he should* understand. So what should I do? I know he'll be hurt (I would too if I were him; I mean, everything's going great!) I really need help, and tips and suggestions and comments! Please. I wouldn't be asking this, if I didn't really need help!

In advance, thank you for even clicking on this. Means a lot. Absolutely ANY comments would help!! Thank you. Have a blessed day. :)


Thank you thank you thank you!!!


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  • At your age relationships aren't supposed to last long. It's normal.
    You're learning about all these new feelings and new situations, and each person is going to have their own comfort levels, likes/dislikes, and want to progress at their own pace.
    It can hurt to end a relationship, no doubt, especially when it's not because one person did something horribly wrong.
    Bottom line is if you're not really comfortable with the relationship and feel it should be over, all you need to do is tell him that and that it's over. I know, easier said than done, but better to end it now than be unhappy or end up in a situation where you're doing things that you don't really want or that make it even more difficult to break up.

    Hope this is at least a little helpful... :-)

    by the way you'll look back at this period of time in a few years and it really won't seem that bad.

    • You know what, thank you. I didn't think about it like that! Thank you for your perspective. Really helps!
      Do you think I'm over reacting any?
      Really, this helps. Thank you.

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    • Very true! Still in my learning process. Thanks again for even bothering to talk to a little teenager about stuff like this. *lol u da real MVP* haha like you said earlier, It won't seem as bad in a few years!

    • You're welcome... We've all been there, this site makes it easier to share advice and get advice from people who have been down the same road

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  • I wrote a myTake on how to break up:

    I hope you will read it and consider the advice I gave.

  • Balding is my biggest fear but then I found out I'm Hispanic haha xD

    • Remembered*

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    • Hahaha😂😂 that's too good. Lol while you're here, wanna help me out with my predicament hahaha.

      Seriously that's too funny!

    • Since you're 15 just try and make it work out if not try having a cool friendship

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  • Hey I've honestly felt the same way about my boyfriend... When we do things I get this weird feeling in my chest.. And I just don't want to do anything with him not even kiss him... But I don't know what to do.. I kinda want to break up with him but I don't want to hurt him and I don't want to regret it.

    • SAME!! I feel the same exact way, like I don't even like kissing him. I don't know what to do either. I've stuck it out, and stayed in the relationship, nothing so far has really happened, I got in a skateboard/car accident a while ago, (I'm ok, just broken nose and sprained wrists, and scrapes. Lol) so that kinda stopped our physical-ness. But it kinda makes me worried bc he'll be craving it and since he's been somewhat deprived of it, it'll be amplified more. 😁😅. I don't know why I feel like this tho. I feel like when I even look at him, I'm committing some huge sin. I don't know. I wonder if there's a scientific name for our feelings? Well good luck with ur bf!! Let me know how it goes!! (AND HAPPY NEW YEARSSSSSSS!)

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