I'm sad cause I think I. have to break ul with him after five years of dating how do I deal with it?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 5 years I'm pretty sure he's saving up money for a ring.

he always talks about our future together but he has no sexual drive I've tried everything aside from couples counseling cause he used to always say if you need marriage counselor then it's already over..

I think he has some issues with depression but he won't see a doctor.

It's been going on for 9 months that he only wants me once every 2-3 weeks and even then he doesn't want me very long.
We have a holiday planned in January and a rental agreement till June but I think I want to break it off after the cruise.
Im really said cause I still feel I love him but I don't think I can continue like this. I've told him how I'm worried about it we had some good talks but nothing really comes of it.

How do I deal? How do I tell him I wanna break up when I still love him and he wants to marry me?


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  • Well it seems to me that you don't really love this person, because if you did you would be able to get past this...

    • I think as you get older you will find there is a lot more to love.

      And how can I get past not receiving any physical attention. He doesn't even act like he likes to kiss me.

      What if 5 years down the road he meets another girl who turns him on I had one issue before with a girl texting him and them flirting he pretended he didn't have a girlfriend.
      And this is something that has gotten worse over 9 months this isn't just a couple week ordeal.

      I'm worried that I can't satisfy him cause he never wants it and he can't and won't try much to satisfy me... I don't see how a marriage like that is gonna last.

      I do love him very much he is a great match for me in every other way but unfortunately after 100 times getting shut down for sex has ruined my ego

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  • Your needs aren't being met, and that is not something to settle for in a relationship. You just have to be honest and approach the subject in a sensitive way, but it's better to do it sooner rather than later. Don't talk about what he isn't doing to satisfy you, just use words like "I feel" or "my needs", and avoid blame, but you just have to be direct and be clear that you don't want to continue. Don't lead him to believe you want to try to continue to make it work, because he might just get the ring to try to manipulate you to stay, and that's a far worse situation.

    • I agree it's just hard cause our relationship is pretty great every other area. He put up with my family issues my drink mom then waited for me for 4 months while I had liver surgery and he worked and took care of me.

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    • You know what is the best way to change something you don't like about someone? Fucking tell them! No second thoughts on this. But nooo people will shut their mouth, pretend and lie for the "greater cause" and then they will dump or cheat. How are you expecting people to change and coexist if you don't tell them straight what's bothering you? Spare me the lame ass techniques.

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