Why would a friend of my ex suddenly, out of nowhere, unblock me on Facebook after saying the stuff she said?

One of my ex's friends blocked me a week after my ex broke up with me (which occurred about 7 weeks ago) because I really wouldn't leave it be. This was one of her friends whom I had only met on four occasions yet, for some reason, decided to go to when my ex broke up with me. This friend of hers called me crazy and told me to leave her, and my ex, alone. I really don't think I acted crazy (moot point), but from when she said that, I haven't said a word to her (or any of my ex's friends) or my ex.

I have started to move on and look after myself, but somehow this long weekend, I noticed that this friend who was so adamant that I was crazy, unblocked me from Facebook. When someone blocks you, they get deleted off your friends list and you can't search for them on Facebook at all. I stumbled across the fact that she unblocked me when I was searching for someone else I knew, with a similar first name, and this friend who blocked me popped back up in the search.

I realize that it ultimately means nothing and I don't really have a desire to contact her or my ex. But for what reason (s) would this friend unblock me? She basically told me, when I sought her support, that she hardly knew me and obviously wasn't going to side with me. What would make a person say that, call me crazy and, a month and a half later, unblock that same person? Like, she had to consciously think to unblock me, which just seems very odd to me given her final words to me. I doubt it's to see what I'm up to, as all my information is visible to only friends and, in the odd circumstance that my ex was curious, she could go to other friends whom I'm still friends with on Facebook. Just seems weird to me that this friend would go out of her way to unblock after referring to me as crazy and saying some other harsh things.

Any thoughts?


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  • she is still not over you she does so because she is angry with you , and anger means love


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