Girls, Confused and annoyed. A little help?

Hello and thanks in advance. I'll try to keep it as short as possible. Well I been in relationship with this girl for over 3 years. Everything was going great until I had to move to another city. We had arguments and little fights. Nothing serious. Then a month ago, she told me out of the blue that she wants to break up and didn't give me any reason. I was shocked but I thought its for the best and then I blocked her. After a week she texted me from a friends phone saying she regrets breaking up and she lost the best person in the world and wants to stay friends. I was ok with the "being friends" part and we started texting again. Then one night she texted me drunk saying she misses me and that she cried at the beach that afternoon thinking about the time we went to the beach. I still love her and misses her a lot. Anyway I told her we shouldn't talk about that since she was drunk. And again the next day she texted me saying she is miserable. So I asked her to come back and be a couple again. She replied saying she don't want to be in a relationship at the moment but that she still loves me and promised that in the future when she is ready and will come back. She also said that she will not date any other guy and I do the same. Well now she met this new guy online. I didn't know about it but she told me that he wants to meet her and she is thinking about meeting him in person. And she even sent me screen shots of all the conversations they had. So I told her if she meet him and decided she wants to be in relationship with him later, I will disappear from her life for good. She replied saying she is not over me and never will be. She just feels lonely so she wants to go meet new people for fun. as friends. And that in the end we will be together and things will go back to how it was before. I have a feeling she is just using me. If she don't find anyone she still got me? its hard to even think she would do something like that but... I don't know what to do


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  • She wants it all - to explore her options with the ability to fall back on you if she doesn't find someone else.

    "She wants to go meet people for fun. As friends. And that in the end we will be together and things will go back to how it was before" -> that is a bunch of bs. She will leave you when she finds someone else.

    • Thanks. That is exactly what I been thinking. I think I clicked the wrong button accidentally. So what should I do? Tell her I m done or just stop talking to her?

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    • Haha you are going ughhh reading my post. Imagine how many ughh moments I have had. Anyhooo I think I am done. She says she still wants to date other guys in the mean time. The work thing was maybe just an excuse.

    • Haha I can imagine the ughs.
      I agree, she's put you through too much. You don't even need to bring it up with her. Just block her number and go on your way. Do whatever feels best for you.

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