Congratulate the guy who left me?

Its so hard to move on. im dying inside and i feel so lonely because I dont see anybody else but him. He hates me so much but I still love him and cry for him. we dont even talk anymore but he still come in my mind. whats the reason behind i still can't get over him?
we always want soemthing we dont get. but he was mine. but then he left
Is this some kind of challenge?
If u want to sacrifise my love then first sacrifise me.. take me away before i see my love break into two. it hurts like shittt
why would he leave me? was i not pretty enough?

I know im not perfect but he could told me truth then give me fake love shit.
what is his purpose to come into my life? to come play my heart and fuck with it then leave?
hell ya. u did too well on that. i would want to congratulate him but then i dont have anywhere to let him know whether im still alive or dead.


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  • I think you are still very much attached to him. It's sad, I wish I could comfort you in some way.

  • Sex maybe he used you


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