Does my ex boyfriend hate me?

Well here's the story!

My ex and I went out for 6years and broke up 3months ago. My ex (let's call him Mike) was a wonderful boyfriend, he gave me the world but I wasn't the best girlfriend, I was really insecure and that started arguments.

He broke up with me due to the fact he had to and not that he wanted to. So, I moved out and we were trying to see how things would go with us living apart. Due to a huge argument a couple of weeks ago, he has stopped all contact with me. I have tried emailing him and calling him with no avail. I've been full of apologies.

I bumped into him 1week ago on a night out and asked him why he was ignoring me, he told me it was because I broke his heart then he ran off...I'm not sure if this was a cop out! His friend then came over to me and angrily said "leave Mike alone!". I have only contacted him once by email telling him to get in touch because I have a number of expensive items belonging to him.

I have noticed that he has just recently been replying to a girl's Facebook messages with a kiss. The messages appear to be just regular chit chat but I'm scared it will become more. Am I reading too much into things?

By the looks of it he is going out and having a great time, surely that isn't someone who is heartbroken.

I'm confused, do you think he will ever talk to me?

How much space should I give him? Because at the moment he is avoiding me at all costs.

All answers greatly appreciated!


Most Helpful Girl

  • It seems to me that you still have feelings for your ex. Let's face it, okay, he broke up with you and though you still were in contact for a while, maybe that was his way of getting closure. He's probably moving on now to other girls since things with you pretty much stayed rocky. I understand that you want to still be in contact with him, but maybe after that last fight it was just too much for him. Or maybe he just decided that he was going to find someone else. You are together so you can't make him talk to you, ya know. And besides, most exes end up hating each other. Friendship is rare in tose situations so good luck. I hope you two can be friends and talk again soon, but for now I would just stop trying to contact him all together. maybe that will make him wonder what you're doing and then come to you. go out and have fun like him and then maybe he'll see that and come back. Don't worry. You've just got to wait it out.


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  • Mike has moved on from you. A reasonable assumption would identify the behavioral problems, in the past, as the main reason he moved on. After an individual moves on, there will still be lingering feelings about how the individual cares for you, but understands things aren't working out- unless there is an extenuating circumstance (like your argument with mike).

    - He does not hate you, but he doesn't want to date you either.

    ~ Charming

    • It's nice to get a male point of view! Do you think he still has feelings for me and is too hurt to talk right now? He will have to get in contact at some point as I have things belonging to him. I suppose I can only show him I'm trying to change. Do you think the best idea is to not approach him at all if I see him out? He has always spoken to his exes. Less than 3weeks ago he told me he still really loved me, that's why I'm very confused. Oh well!

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  • You have to ease off and wait. there's nothing you can do except take your mind off it. I know its hard- but be friendly. Facebook chats are not an accurate measure of anyone's state of mind, life/ relationship.

    give him as much space as he needs. let him know you're there though. and slowly, gently, try making it up to him. change for real, if you think you'd be happier if you became less insecure.

    also- justtake a deep breath and live. don't look at Facebook too much if it makes you paranoid. keep the items, let him come to you for them.

    so gentle reminders you're still around. freindly not too full on. don't bring up the past. focus on the present and the future.

    he could very well still care about you- and if he's hurt, he needs to see you've changed. if not- then you have to cross that bridge I guess. try staying friends...good luck


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