I'm so heartbroken, what should I do?

He broke up with me months ago, and he wanted to be friends but I told him I could for a while because I still loved him. He continued to contact me and I was dumb because I answered. But he was very hot and cold with me for 6 months. Where he would get close to me then ignore me. But now he texts me and answers my texts doesn't ignore me and sometimes says he loves me, but mainly talks as a friend.

but now he stopped talking to me out of nowhere, and I'm hurt even though it's probably for the best.


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  • Honey, he's not ever going to get back with you, and he's just chatting with you when he wants a cute girl to talk to - he knows he can have that whenever because you're always so happy to talk to him.

    You need to back away from him and move on, hang out with other people, keep busy, etc.

    Good luck!


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