Girls, Is she playing games?

So my ex and i broke up about a month ago because she got scared. So the Sunday before Thanksgiving I saw my ex at church. I don't think she knows I saw her but I know she saw me. I was taking to a friend who is gorgeous and my ex has never met this friend before. My friend told me that my ex had her back to me and me ex's cousin was looking over my ex's shoulder at me. I then walked away and me ex sized up my friend. Later that day I decided it was time to just send the first text. It was simple "how are you?". She answered within 5 min. Then each response was within a min after that. We texted back with genereric back and forth how is grad school and simple things. No more that 5-10 words max. I think she ends the convo by saying thanks after I congratulate her. I think okay good start and leave it alone. About 10 min I get a text from her asking if I went to church and the service was good. I went to lunch then replied afterward and we got into a discussion about what we liked about it. She was then giving me 50-60 word answers. We ended it at that. Come Thanksgiving, I sent her text in the evening wishing her and her family a Happy Thanksgiving. She replies back in 5 min again and says" thank you. same to you ". The next day I send a text asking how her Thanksgiving was. I never heard back.


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  • Guess she sees your gorgeous friend as competition. Either way, I bet she is now wishing she hadn't ended things.


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