Getting a second chance after a so so first date

OK so I have this date recently with a girl that I thought was great. started out rocky but we really began enjoying each other's company. later we went to a different venue and she was walking very close to me to make sure there was physical contact. she was complimenting me for the most part about how she was enjoying my conversation. at the end of the night we said goodbye and I lean in to give a hug and she starts kissing me. there were only two glasses of wine so it can't be a drunk factor I assume. we spent 4 hours together so it can't be she was humoring me. then I try to re-approach a few days later to meet up and she's not interested. then she emails me saying she didn't feel the chemistry. honestly this stuff happens all the time and it's not a big deal, but I actually want to see this girl again and can't seem to figure out how to do this without it being annoying to her. any sage advice ladies?


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  • she said she's not interested niqqa she wants you to leave her alone

    • Well obviously I'm gonna respect her wishes. just posing the question because I do think people have been in a situation like this, and gotten past bad first dates.

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