My LDR broke up with me its been 5 month but I still love her?

really i didn't treat her well she we both blocked on Skype that time i was so mad at her that i blocked her but when i unblock her she blocked me its been 5 month then i message her its 5 days i message her say sorry to her but she didn't replied me.. i saw her name on okcupid she is on dating site i am so frustrated what should i do


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  • LDR are One of the Hardest Relationships to Have and to Uphold of Any. I, for one, can tell you probably Best from the Rest.
    It's been a Month of Mondays and most likely no more in store here, dear. It seems to me she has moved on from the blocking and rocking of your 'I didn't treat her well,' and quite clearly has been talking to others now 'on okcupid' who may even be closer to heart and home so she doesn't have to now Be... Alone.
    Begin your own Beguine of trying to move on as well. From where I am sitting, still having a husband out in Egypt... There is no place like home.
    Good luck. xx

    • paris thanks can you please unblock me i am anil here is amanwalia

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  • Guess you can't to anything. She has moved on. Girls are like fishes. There are lot of nets waiting for them. Waiting for someone? Yes. That can happen in case of true love or true friendship. Otherwise, it won't happen.

    • i know she is not going to message me.. as she is living on the rent... i wanted to buy a house for her she don't have any feeling for me.. should i go on okcupid or message her

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    • Please don't do that 😊 You like her, right?

    • yeah i like her you know what wait i will message you

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  • well the first thing u said was u didn't treat her well. what do u expect? i mean u can't just be mad at someone u 'love' and block them rather than talk it out.

    i personally wouldn't even give u another shot. id HATE to be ignored like that. u would seriously be lucky if she gave u another chance. ur gonna have to come up with one hell of an apology or leave her alone.

  • My long distance boyfriend ended things the other day because we had a lot of problems, it was out of the blue because we were adamant we would try out hardest to work on things. He blocked me on everything which was frustrating because I didn't get the closure I deserved, but he messaged me asking me if I wanted to be with him still to which I said yes and since then I haven't heard from him. That really hurt because it made me think there was still a chance we'd be together when clearly there isn't. My point is that you're ex is just trying to move on from you and the best way to do that is by having no contact probably for fear of being hurt

    • where is yur LDR is from

  • You lost your chance let her be happy. You chose to block her that's the nail in the coffin.


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