How long/how would you get over someone?

Just wondering, how long would you get over someone you loved? Say for example, the relationship lasted a year, or 3 years? What would you do to get over someone?

I mean some people just hang themselves just because they broke up some time ago.


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  • You are never going to get over it so just learn to live with it. It sucks monkey balls I know but unless you can erased them from your memory, you're f***ed. I no I sound negative but you need to hear the truth.

  • Are you asking how long it would take me to get over someone, or what would I do to get over someone?

    I guess I'll just answer both.

    First, when I break up with someone, or they break up with me, I move on that day.

    There's no point holding on to them. For whatever reason it didn't work out, so for me, I move on immediately.

    As far as what I would do to get over someone, nothing.

    I don't need to get over anyone. Like I said, it didn't work out, so I don't need to be invested in anything from that relationship.

    Life is too short, and moves too swiftly to linger in anything that isn't productive. Life is about survival of the fittest. It's unrelenting and nonstop. The longer you sit in one spot, the quicker you die.


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