How can I make sure I don't repeat the same mistake?

Known this guy for 5 months over time we developed feelings for each other, but he had more feelings for this other girl (currently his girlfriend now) but anyways now we're just really good friends. He's my best friend and like we both agreed to forget the past and start over. But his habits of not caring or like not wanting to hang out with me it's like this isn't a new start, he's just repeating the past. And Everyday I text him and ask how his day is and stuff and we'll talk all into the night. It took about a month of constant fighting with him for me to trust him again so now I'm just trying to make a fun and loving friendship, which is what he wants. but with him putting no effort or whatever and being really simple and quiet with me, he's like not opening back up to me. 3 days ago I texted him that I shouldn't have expected anything to be new with him because he's never going to care about me again. So now I'm like missing him and obviously I don't want to fight with him, but I definitely don't wanna repeat the past, and I derserve a good friendship with him. So any opinion?


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  • If you both had feelings for each other, but he likes another girl and chose her over you, then don't continue the friendship. You're trying to suppress feelings whether you say it's "in the past" or not, and he's only being tempted by you, which is disrespectful to his girlfriend, when he's hanging out with another girl he had feelings for. Do the mature thing, and walk away, because it will just cause problems.


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