How to deal with a break up and disowning your best friends?

I just need some advice on dealing with the situations above.
I lost my 'best friends' when my ex broke up with me 4 months ago. We were together for nearly 2 years. Ever since then they have all become friends, and continuously stare and tease/shout or say horrible things about me when i am around.
I don't believe my ex is over me yet, despite him breaking up with me, because he gets angry when guys talk to me or when we become close and whenever he looks at me, he always has a sad look on his face.
I am definitely on my way to 'getting over him' because it's not as painful anymore and i don't find myself thinking about him as often. I also have new friends in my life, since i've started college, who have helped make my days more bareable.
So the questions i have are:
What can i do to get over him quicker?
What can i do to forget about my ex best friends?
Why isn't he over me yet?


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  • What can i do to get over him quicker? anything that's have nothing to do with him, hobbies etc games etc, reading etc, work
    What can i do to forget about my ex best friends? same thing
    Why isn't he over me yet? he still thinks your good looking? he thinks you still have a thing for him? He still thinks he can get you back?

    So many questions, what you should do is tell him to stop or you don't even want to be friends with him, if he carries on then delete him. Life is dark i know but meh


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  • Well to get over my ex I just talked to my friends stabbed the teddy bear he gave and I sat on my couch eating ice cream and to get over your best friend is to find new friends and maybe make more memories and forget the memories with your ex friend. And Most boys have to have a lot of time to get over you because if they loved you so much that they would die for you it will defiantly take a lot of time for him to get over you.


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  • You are already doing the best thing that you can do young Lady , you are surrounding yourself with good friends that accept you and appreciate your company. Why hasn't he gotten over you is something I can't answer


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