Why did my ex ask me if I still wanted to be with him, after he ended things?

My boyfriend broke up with me 2 days ago, he deleted me on Skype and unfriended me on facebook but yesterday after talking about why he ended things, he messaged me asking "Do you still want to be with me?" I told him "Of course I do" which he read, but never replied to. It has made me think that he feels as though he may have made the wrong decision. The fact he asked but said nothing else about it hurt me because I really do love him. Why would he ask this question?


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  • Several Questions comes across my mind if he was to ask you that.
    A. Did he even think and consider the consequence dumping you deleted you and unfriend you
    B Does he still like you since its a message Anyone can send that.
    C. Is he serious asking you do want to be with him. (as in Are you serious?)
    As you i think you should ask him Why he dumped you deleted you and unfriend you. And ask him if he's seriously or joking Do you still want to be with me? after you replied him back and he not replied you back.

    D is he making you a backup plan? since he deleted you on Skype and unfriended you on facebook there might be a chance he's asking another girl out and making you out of the list of evidence that you previously dated someone?

    Maybe im over guessing things

    • I did wonder if he broke up with me because of another girl. He had been hanging out with her a lot because she just moved to town and "had no other friends". He supposedly loved me and wanted to marry me and out of the blue he brokes things off. I just don't know whether it's worth waiting for him to make up his mind about what he wants or if I should completely forget and move on from him

    • well that depends on yourself if you still like him then you should wait for him but you have to understand that this situation might happen again. what i would recommend is go casual, regular friends not even good friends, if he ever wants to go back to you, well he's going to have to start over again since if feels like he's using you as a backup plan (but i might be wrong)

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  • Maybe he wanted his ego stroked.


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