If a guy cheats on his wife, can he ever be a good guy again, or will he be a jerk forever?

this summer I dated this guy and he ended up being married I had know idea because we would spend all our time together and he even moved in with my sisters boyfriend and id stay there all the time and he even wanted me to move in with him he was really sweet and seemed perfect

but then I found out later that he was still married when he told me that he was divorced before I guess they were just separated I had no idea and they were no signs or anything because he didn't live at home for almost a year but after I found out that he was married I stopped talking to him

recently he called and he was saying that he was really getting a divorce this time and saying how he would like to date me again so I was wondering what you all think could he ever be a nice guy again or does this write him off as a jerk forever and he really is a nice person all his friends think so and my sister who knew him said so to

sometimes peoples mistakes define them and who they are but then sometimes they don't

i almost cheating on my boyfriend with him this summer and I am a nice sweet girl still so I don't think that mistake defines me

so what do you all think will he be a jerk forever and would it be dumb of me to date him again or leave it alone


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  • Just face it: sh*t happens. Lots of people (M/F) will cheat on their partners at least once.

    One can live with that.

    The big problem are those who make a habit of it.


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