When would it be a proper time to talk to my ex?

my ex dumped me, and its been disrespectful and mean to me, also very inconsistent to the point where she says im the love of her life and all that corny crap but says she wouldn't try to come to my hometown to see me. She bragged about smoking pot with strangers (which she didn't do when she was with me), about hot guys everywhere, about hot guys hitting on her and about kissing some random dude when she was high (later she said she just said that to mess with me but i doubt it because i perceive her as a whole different person and all she wants to do is hurt me or manipulate me to be hung up on her while she tries to find someone better.)

She moved out of town tho, we were in a relationship for 5 years.

She hit me up complaning about me not answering her texts and that she's getting tired of it (like i give a crap about threats at this point).. but well, my question is, eventually we will have to talk, at least from time to time, its been 4 months after she broke up with me, and im avoiding her because i dont want to get hurt anymore, but i wonder when is it a proper time to just stop ignoring her, or talk to her again?


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  • No, you don't have to talk, at all. The relationship is over, all she's doing is manipulating a response out of you, and she doesn't deserve a response. If you respond to her, you are just going to make things worse for yourself. Focus on something else entirely, and move on from her all together.

    • I was going to say if not even for what she represented in my life, but I remembered she's supposed to feel the same way but she doesn't give a crap so why should I give her the privilege of having me in her life if she doesn't even appreciate my company.

    • Exactly. Don't continue contact because you think "Oh I should honour this person", they don't show you any respect do they? So think of yourself in this instance, and remind yourself that you are better of cutting her out of your life, there is nothing to gain from communicating.

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