13 years 4kids is this worth the end of us?

After a great 13 years would he look on FACEBOOK at twerking & boob videos the day before I buried my mom? I gave him bj & sex!! Wtf been with him since I was 15 yrs!! N I anit ugly lol Time to head out no respect? Or suck it up?
I seriously preform oral on his every single day before he goes to work. Whats even the need.
Ok little. more details I am also in the middle of adopting niece (4th child) 2 sisters arrested for murder.. Im struggling here.. Let's not forgot I was supposed to have 3 surgeries in May but sisters did what they did I. had to run different states..


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  • Wow, just wow -_- End a 13 year relationship over something like this? WOW

    • Trust me it had nothing to do with the actual video itself other than slight insecurity I could have got over, but I needed him thats the problem. he's never there.

  • Not worth the end of you but You should definitely talk about it with him, it's very disrespectful to do such things specially in a moment where you need him...

    • This is far from first this is just the worst... I would even watch porn with him just not on FACEBOOK.. Lol

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